Adidas The Book – exclusive

This is an exclusive view in adidas’ style book, where Fritz Träumer’s inspirational visions are published. Extracted from over 30 of his notebooks, filled with seemingly impossible sneakers that Träumer quietly made into realities. Sneakers are his life, theres nothing, in the entire world, he cares more about.

One of them is seen above. Here we got the Polyester Bladders with compressed Nitrogen. The idea for this shoe came after he had to ride in a crowed bus, where a stranger stepped on his white sneaker. “My feet were hurt but it was really my heart that was broken” he said! So the only way to protect his loved shoes is shown in the picture, an air cushion restriant system.

More creativity after the jump.

Voice instructed limousine at Träumer’s feet.

Limousine Hand Shaped Metal

Synthesiser, leather with microprocessor, inspired by a Kraftwerk concert.

The Anti Robber, machine spun metal with mig welding.

Tree, genetically modified seed.

Robot, nickel metal hybride and microprocessor.

Chameleon, chameleon and leather.

Midas, leather and gold

Storm, water vapour.

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